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Hi friends & welcome to Barger Concepts, LLC, the parent company of The Pavilion at Hunter Valley Farm, Swank Floral, and Tallulah’s!


We come from a long line of entrepreneurs with small business in the DNA of both sides of our family. Nancy started her career as a corporate pilot alongside her sweet daddy, Joe Elmore a.k.a. Papa Joe. When the recession of 2008 hit, we opened The Pavilion at Hunter Valley Farm. Not long after, Matt and Nancy met there at an event benefiting childhood cancer research. (He was dressed as Prince Charming, can't make this stuff up if we tried!) They were married in 2011. Matt is a principal at Vonore Middle School. He thrives watching “his kids” grow and learn -- a value we apply to our companies as we work for the best for our employees and clients alike.  


Swank Floral was established in 2010 when Nancy discovered a true passion for floral artistry -- both of her grandmothers had been part of this industry as well; one as a florist and the other as an English gardener. It became a creative outlet that was also a convenient service to clients who were already booking weddings and events at the Pavilion. Now we serve clients and venues all over Knoxville with stunning, unique floral installations. 


Our next endeavor, Tallulah’s, is a curated collection of whimsical wears and gifts that started in a renovated Airstream trailer in 2016, traveling the Southeast to different shows and events. In 2018, Tallulah's and Swank Floral moved into our current space in Rocky Hill. Quickly realizing that two companies sharing one space made a tight fit we expanded and tripled the size of our space in 2021. In May 2022, Tallulah’s opened a small gift shop in The Painted Tree in Franklin, TN followed by The Painted Tree Knoxville. In August 2022, Swank Floral’s wedding and event studio moved just down the street so that Tallulah’s could expand its online store offerings within the existing space. 


We want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about our companies. We love seeing our community, clients and employees prosper. It is our passion to give back to our community and help other small businesses thrive! 


Cheers!  Matt & Nancy Barger


Brittany Brown

Director of Operations


Primary Contact,

The Pavilion at Hunter Valley Farm


Jenna Phillips

Sales & Marketing Manager


Primary Contact, Swank Floral


Makayla White

Sales & Marketing Manager


Primary Contact, Tallulah's

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